Pedro F. Santos
Full-Stack Web and Desktop Developer

Who Who am I?

Hello! My name is Pedro Filipe Santos, born and raised in Porto, Portugal and I'm a full-stack web and desktop developer.
Listener, self-motivated and energetic are my key attributes as a person.

What What do I do?

Currently living in Porto (Portugal) and working on my own as a full-stack web and desktop developer. I code all types of software and tools but I manly focus on tackling optimization, automation, data entry and data extration problems.

Web stack that i'm working with:Web stack that i'm learning:Desktop stack that i'm working with:

Why Why do I do it?

I enjoy acknowledging problems, hack solutions and developing software to help people working or living better. A tool that works is good but a tool that works and is useful for the context of the problem, is even better!


Currently not looking for work.